Marty Brandl

Nickname: Marty B., Marty Baseball

Bat/Throw: L/L

Birthday: 10/17

Years Playing With The Tigers: 1998-2001, 2003-present

Position(s): OF/DH

High School/Graduation Year: Comfrey High School - Class of 1997

College: Southwest Minnesota State University

Family: wife: Tara, children: Brady, Ben & Natalie, parents: Richard & Karen

Job: math teacher at Marshall High School

Best Part Of Playing Amateur Baseball: playing the greatest game in the world with great people, kids cheering and on the field after games

Which Team is Our Biggest Rival? The goal is always to beat any team not sporting a red S on their hat, so I'd say any opponent on a given day is our biggest rival.

Who is the slowest player on the team? When I was reading off the questions, Brady answered with a resounding "You are!" I don't know, I have a feeling this question might be settled with a race some night...

Wood Bat or Composite Bat? Early in the year, I'll take a new composite when they still have some pop. Then I'll switch to wood.

Day Game or Night Game? I love playing under the lights, but you can't beat a nice Sunday afternoon ballgame when the temperature is about 75 degrees with a light breeze.

Favorite Baseball Movie: 42, Fever Pitch, Major League

One More Thing... Let's work our tails off and leave it all on the field! Here's to a great summer! Go Tigers!

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