Jason Nachreiner

Nickname: Nocky, Nocks

Bat/Throw: B/R

Birthday: 10/31

Years Playing With The Tigers: 2009-present

Position(s): P, IF

High School/Graduation Year: Springfield High School - Class of 1999

College: MN West-Worthington, University of Minnesota

Family: wife: Nikki, children: Jakob, Kade, and Kali

Job: shipping department at Bic Graphic

Best Part Of Playing Amateur Baseball: Being able to show that an old man can still play with the young boys.

Which Team is Our Biggest Rival? Sleepy Eye. I love and hate playing against them. I can never seem to get my cousin Derek out and it is really starting to make me mad cause he is a bad hitter, and he will tell that too.

Who is the slowest player on the team? Marty, I think Brady is already faster the Marty.

Wood Bat or Composite Bat? Wood, I just love the feel of good wood in my hands.

Day Game or Night Game? The atmosphere of a night game is just so much more fun, and if the game is during the day it cuts into my nap time.

Favorite Baseball Movie: Sandlot

One More Thing... Tigers scratch trees and use their urine to mark their territories. Their urine smells strongly of buttered popcorn.

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