Jordan Milbrath

Nickname: Milly

Bat/Throw: R/R

Birthday: 8/1

Years Playing With The Tigers: 2009-present

Position(s): OF/P

High School/Graduation Year: Springfield High School - Class of 2010

College: St. Cloud State University

Family: parents: David & Lori, siblings: Cody, Cole, Taylor, Lucas, Olivia

Job: Red Rock Quarry

Best Part Of Playing Amateur Baseball: Getting to play baseball with such great guys.

Should players from the "Steroids Era" such as Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, and Roger Clemens be in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Absolutely. They worked hard to get to that point and it wasn't just the steroids that got them into a winning position such as Hall of Famers.

Favorite Davis Story or Quote: Davis was driving a carload of us to the game in Marshall. Driving through Milroy brought back memories of Davis and his younger coaching days. The story in particular we were told was a VFW or Legion game that he was coaching. It was a critical point in the game with Miesen on the bump and a good hitter at the plate. Naturally, Davis comes out to the mound to calm his nerves. He said that he told Miesen, "Whatever you do, do not leave a fastball over the middle." Back turned, he no more than makes it to the dugout and hears a solid "PING!" He turns around and says "Dang it, Miesen! I told you not to throw that pitch!" He then proceeded to tell us that ball went foul across the road and over the sheds across the street that may have totaled more than 500 ft. The way in which the story was told is unparallel to the written version. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Miesen got that batter on the next pitch.

Your Pick to Win the 2011 World Series: Texas Rangers

Major League Ballparks You've Visited: Metrodome, Busch Stadium, Target Field

One Piece of Advice for Young Ball Players: Baseball can be frustrating. Those who succeed in baseball are those who can push through the disappointments and turn them into successes.

Don't Ever Do This When You're Playing Baseball: Stick plastic forks into the outfield ground during the game.

Parting Thoughts: Excited to get the summer and games going! Can't wait to see everyone again. Hopefully not going to give up any grand slams. Who am I kidding, "Nothing hurt!"